Darnell is African-American, a pyromaniac, and a terrorist. Though he doesn't actually make a physical appearance in "Pico's School," he's seen teary eyed on a poster, running for class president with the tagline, "I've only got 5 years to live." Darnell has his own flash animation titled "Darnell's Pyro 101" where he terrorizes the city with explosives while extolling the beauty of fire. The flash draws to an end, however, when a crashed plane he's observing explodes, ironically trapping him under flaming debris as he slowly burns alive. As he meets a figure he assumes to be God off-screen (the screen is white), he asks why God is holding a flamethrower, after which he presumably is set on fire again in the afterlife; the flash closes with a message from the author telling the viewer that it is important "not to mess with God's shit" because "he's a vengeful motherfucka" who "always gets the last laugh."