This episode is collab made by Eddie. These scenes are from Edd Egg Webcomic. In the beginning, Edd Egg was in a bar, feeling depressed, and talking with the bartender. Edd Egg sighed and said, "I don't Jack I seem to get anything right." The bartender reviewed he is not Jack. Then, the title of the episode appears. In scene called Name, Amy asked Edd Egg about his name. He told her there's a magical tale behind it. On a flashback, Edd Egg's parents named him when he was a baby. After the flashback, Amy asked what's so magical about it. Edd Egg asked Amy to help him do his Pick a Card magic trick. In Angst, Angsty Girl tells about woman's feelings but got interrupted Edd Egg impatients for dinner. In PC, the nerd told Edd Egg about his PC. After that, Edd Egg told the nerd Edd Egg had sex last night. This made the nerd feel like a loser and cried. In Fish, Edd Egg was shocked to see a goldfish fllying through the air and said it was impossible. The goldfish said he and were really both underwater. Edd Egg said, "Clearly, one of us is lying! So I'm going to wait until the truth comes out. And then, he drowned. In Fight, it is a battle between Edd Egg as Goku and the fighter. In Ghost, Edd Egg was startled by Goth Ghost. The ghost explain Goths is a ___________ of ghost. In Nemesis, Edd Egg meets his nemesis and his family.


Name - Amy (Alison), Edd Egg's Mom (Alison) and Dad (Eddie)

Angst - Angsty Girl (Cerise Panda)

PC - The Nerd (Ben Smallman a.k.a. Wonchop Monkey Man)

Fish - The Goldfish (Edd Gould from Eddsworld)

Fight - The Fighter (Will Ryan a.k.a. Diamond Armada), the Barrister (Chris Molnar)

Ghost - The Goth Ghost (Jon Etheridge)

Nemesis - Jason (Mark), Gemma (Rebecca Le Fleur), Zach (Tom Fulp), and Braxtor (Eddie)