Nene is Asian in appearance (presumably Japanese, due to her yelling "Hari Kari!!!" in one instance), suicidal, and popular at school (at least, before everyone died). She also, according to her biography, enjoys bestiality. She has her own flash by Tom Fulp titled "Nene's Interactive Suicide" . In it, after prolonged kissing with her date the night before prom, she contracts herpes and decides to die with honor. The player can choose from a number of ways for her to end her own life. In "Pico's School" (see below) the three's debut flash, she can't stand the horror of the slaughter and asks Pico to kill her, which is optional to the player.

Newgrounds RumbleEdit

in Newgrounds Rumble, Nene is a well-balanced fighter, and is so far the only female playable character. a unique feature, though, instead of wielding some kind of pistol for her shotgun pickup, she throws her signature knives at opponents.

  • Strong attacks overall
  • High health
  • Very slow air attacks
  • Slow attacks overall