Pico is a fictional character depicted in a series of Flash based games created by Tom Fulp, founder of Newgrounds. Pico is one of three children created by Fulp, and is still featured in the Newgrounds GUI and elsewhere throughout the site. He is Newgrounds' official mascot. Starting from 2006, Newgrounds celebrate a Pico Day on April 30th. Despite many videos not made by Fulp that use Pico, his appearance is overall the same: Red hair that is perpetually pointing up, a green shirt, brown pants and an inhuman propensity for violence (particularly with automatic weapons).


Newgrounds RumbleEdit

in Newgrounds Rumble, Pico is a moderately strong character, nothing really sets him too far apart from the other fighters.

  • High aerial-attack damage
  • Above-average health
  • Poor crouch attacks
  • Short-range attacks overall